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a poem

I’ve been thinking again
of time touching time
Of being drawn in, relentlessly
into the human condition
The words that weigh so heavily on my heart
Life is so unfair the way
you know how a perfect world
seems just within reach before
eclipsing into, silence
But as I ride under the moon and stars
Tiny toy bus through glittering towers
never has my insignificance felt more significant
Just a speck of a heart dancing though the cosmos

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a poem

It’s strange how
Some things are so universal
Across the world I see the same houses
the same windows, the same hopes
and dreams of the past and the future
we go back and forth
within the limits of our selves
the language is different but the rules are
the same yet the game is played so
differently, is this globalization or
convergence or does the difference even matter?
I don’t recognize any of the trees anymore
But they grow the same
and so do I

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a poem

we live in different cities now.
I am on a train between two cities
I’ve never been to
people, houses, pastures, lakes
I count the trees and the minutes
until my arrival
at some point I cross an imaginary line
where my life will depend
on having the right combination
of printed codes and letters
push me forward
whether I am ready or not
here I come anyway

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a poem

a time of chance encounters.
the cherry blossoms are blooming here already, but not yet where you are.
surprise, love passionately,
I wonder,
/will our conversations slowly fade away, petals on the wind?
/our breaths, once halting, warming with every passing sunrise?
/will the roots in our ground hold strong
/crossing the distance
/of us together
but apart.

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a poem

In geography
we often talk about distance
how absolute distance is different than relative distance
I’m two meters away from my dad
his mouth garbled sounds
The emotional distance
growing kilometers apart
His homophobia into the chasm
between us

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a poem

I am just a fly
stuck in your honey
A boy in a big city
swept along neon trains
In the rain of my consciousness
I am swimming nowhere
Yes my heart is naïve but
isn’t that what your 20s should be? why
should my walls be jaded stone
Let your winds hail ice water erode me
Let my heart break shatter, suffer
The distance I have travelled
may have no direction
But that doesn’t mean
I haven’t travelled nevertheless

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A poem about a late night

we caught the last train home
greasy dollar pizza slice
we laughed down the sidewalk alone
in a city we didn’t know
with people we knew just enough
to know that it would be okay
there was no cover
but we uncovered that we couldn’t dance
didn’t stop us from dancing anyways
we didn’t know how fast
things would change even though
things felt like they could go on forever
in a never ending night.

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A poem about trees

For months now
I have been taken for granted
Sidelined and case aside
My shadows circulate and shelter
As sunlight rolls through summer
I breathe with your every breath
Watching as you pass by
Wrapped within your own world
You are free to go and I am
Bound here speechless
My only sounds are birdsong
Sung on my behalf I am calling will you
Touch me and run your fingers along me
Until one frosty day and I am
Bursting into colour bright red and yellow
Can you see that I need your eyes locked on me
Until all you can do is look up suddenly startled
And say oh

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A poem

I slept poorly again last night
Tossing and turning
The sun is in my eyes already
but I can’t get out of bed
Staring at the ceiling
the insurmountable number of things
I have to do if I get up
I am dragging myself through each day
one after the next
Everyone else is doing fine
Why do they have…

Victor Yin

he/him/his. Living and working on unceded Coast Salish homelands in Vancouver.

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